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Bones and raw food cut by Jimmy the Butcher at Cut Rite Meats, your friendly neighbourhood butcher shop.

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Jimmy Shares Why He Started Buy Your Dog a Bone:  “I am sharing my secret recipe with Alberta dogs so your dog has the advantage of the best quality dog food, healthy nutritious, fresh for a healthy life.  I know because this is what I feed my own dog London and she loves me for it.”

We Care About Your Dog

Treat your dog to the delicious and healthy alternative to big box dog food:  natural raw food, treats, and bones.  At Buy Your Dog a Bone, we put quality first!  We believe in making sure your dog gets the best ingredients for a healthy diet.  The dog bones we cut in the butcher shop have no preservatives or coatings added.  We use only 100% Natural Alberta Beef, Elk & Buffalo meat. There shouldn’t be additives and artificial ingredients that no one can pronounce going into a dogs diet. Did you know that natural bones are extremely good for your dog’s teeth? Also, consumption of bone marrow is a main contributor to a long life for your 4 legged family member!

Buy Your Dog A Bone Raw Food Diet

Tasty! Try our NEW Buffalo Sticks!  

Our buffalo Sticks will become your dog’s favourite treat!  Our natural and delicious dog treats can help you reinforce calm listening behavior from your dog. The perfect snack in between meals and a great method for rewarding your dog’s good behavior. Choose from our quality and natural 100% meat treats for your dog today.  Check out Buy Your Dog a Bone Facebook page to learn more.

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The best selection and prices in town! Our bones are fresh or smoked! See our online store. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Fresh & Smoked Centre Cut Bones



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Natural bones are very healthy for dogs! Let your dog benefit from the goodness of bone marrow.

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Our 100% pure & natural raw diet dog food is a healthy choice for every dog. We guarantee your dog will love it!


 We carry only the best fresh or smoked dog bones, available in Beef, Elk & Buffalo. Choose from our quality and juicy center-cut, knuckles, ribs, and femur bones! Make things exciting and try our fresh or smoked dog bones.



 Make a smart choice for your dog and choose 100% natural and farm raised meat for their diet! Say no to artificial ingredients and harmful preservatives.



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 Your special friend deserves a special treat. Try our Buffalo Sticks and other all natural dog treats will leave your friend feeling happy and excited. Choose from buffalo, chicken, beef, elf,  sticks. And pork rinds!